DMAIC, DMADV, Lean, Six Sigma for Government?

A short introduction by Maria Elena-Stopher, describes lean transformation at the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, and shares lessons learned in Lean applied to federal government processes. Full one-hour video is available for purchase through the Maryland World Class Consortia.

Is this process doable on a national level, a lot of people think so. But where would you start…..

Steven C. Wilson one of the leading Lean Six Sigma trainers in Iowa states, “Lean Six Sigma is not a complex process if you understand the theory behind it. But to begin any journey you need a starting point and a solid base of knowledge to provide direction. Leaders do not need to know the intricacies of DMAIC, DMADV and Variation. Leaders do not need to know when to use Binary Logistic Regression. But they do need to know the basics to enable others.”

Steve has just released his first book, Lean Six Sigma for Government. The book is available on Amazon in print or CD-Rom format. It can also be downloaded as a PDF on The book is an overview and a basic primer on Lean Six Sigma for government officials. Steve and I were talking about the applying Lean Six Sigma for Government and I mentioned that there were a lot of how and what you should do books but what they needed was a basic book telling them “what it is”.  He mentioned that is exactly what his day long course on Lean Six Sigma for Leadership does. We used that participant book as the basis for this book. As Steve said, “It is not a book to tell them “how to” or “what to do” it is a book to enable a Leader to Lead”.

Disclaimer: I work with Steve on a regular basis.

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