Finding the Voice of Customer in Design for Six Sigma – eBook

Dr. Kai Yang was the guest on the Business901 Podcast and this is a transcription of the podcast. Our conversation addressed the message of his latest book, Voice of the Customer: Capture and Analysis (Six Sigma Operational Methods).

Voice of Customer in Design for Six Sigma

Dr. Yang is a Professor in the department of Industrial and Manufacturing, Wayne State University. His areas of expertise include Six Sigma, statistical methods in quality and reliability engineering, lean product development, lean healthcare, and engineering design methodologies.

I found it interesting that Dr. Yang has worked with Apple and questioned him about it. Black T’s and blue jeans didn’t seem like a cultural fit with Six Sigma. Find out the how’s and why’s of Capturing and Analyzing Data, the Blue Ocean Strategy of Apple and Dr. Yang’s description of survey’s and the practical example of a restaurant may surprise you.

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