Is Your Organization in The Practice of Engaging Emergence?

If your organization is not in the practice of Engaging Emergence, what chance does your brand have in the race for innovation and new markets?

Emergence is the approach, which is used by The Third Wave to create a new market. By introducing a new product, business model, or idea, a brand can create an entirely new market, and an entirely new product, business model, or idea. One of the biggest weaknesses in most organizations is their lack of practice with emergent marketing.

Every business, at some point, should be looking at the “halo effect” of the market. When people think of your brand, they should always be thinking “this is where I would buy this…” With all the potential in the world for a brand to change people’s lives for the better, the opportunities should be limitless. However, this is rarely the case, because most people don’t think about the marketplace outside of their own industry.