No one is as Smart as all of Us

The ASQ Charlotte Section Annual Conference 2013, Quality Conference of the Carolinas will focus on Leadership Development with three different tracks. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose between three different tracks; Problem Solving Leadership, Strength-Based Organizational Change and The Cultural Shift in Healthcare.

The Strength-Based Organizational Change session is being hosted by Bob Petruska, author of Gemba Walks for Service Excellence: The Step-by-Step Guide for Identifying Service Delighters, and me. We are using a unique approach that is based on a positive skills framework and a collection of rich and interactive festivities. We have been busy working with the facilitators of the breakouts to provide valuable information. Our goal is to harness not only the knowledge of the facilitators, but to open up a dialog with the conference participants sharing ideas. This variety of perspectives will be captured in the twelve interactive breakouts in a strength-based collaborative style of learning.   A diagram of the process is captured in this chalkboard presentation.

Our morning theme will address change through the growth of soft skills for both individuals and teams. Then after lunch, participants will have the opportunity to learn and apply new skills on how to influence organizational development for positive, sustainable results. An update on the session:

An outline of the day:

Morning Afternoon

Positive Individuals: Leverage your Strengths

  1. LinkedIn: Is your Profile Contagious?
  2. Personal Kanban
  3. Appreciative Leadership

Positive Organizations: Influencing Networks

  1. Cross-Generational Collaboration
  2. Dialogue to Greatness
  3. 3D Organization Model

Positive Teams: Developing high performance

  1. Gemba Walks: 8 Signs of Value
  2. Intellectual Judo
  3. Team Kanban

Positive Change: The Art of Results

  1. Bright Spots for Six Sigma
  2. Lean Coffee
  3. Sustain your Gains

Overview of the Strength-Based Organizational Change
A Positive Framework for Sustainability

If you would like to learn more about the subject matter in these sessions, I have listed a few previous blog posts that outline these ideas.

Lean Coffee: Opening Appreciative Space Process 2

Story Dialogue: Story Dialoguing your Sales Pitch

Gemba Walks: Podcast and Transcriptions

Personal Kanban: Podcast and Transcriptions

Appreciative Inquiry: Podcast and Transcriptions

The conference is held at UNC Charlotte Center City, 320 East 9th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202. It is a one-day event on April 16th with registration beginning at 7:30 AM and the conference from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Additional information and registration can be obtained at You are welcomed to register at the door, but each tract is limited to 40 participants. Please check availability.

About ASQ Charlotte Section: The American Society for Quality (ASQ) Charlotte Section’s mission is to create experiential quality development and learning opportunities that add value to our Members, the Business Community, and the Greater Charlotte Community.

About ASQ: The American Society for Quality (ASQ) is the world’s leading authority on quality. With more than 85,000 individuals and organizational members, this professional association advances learning, quality improvement, and knowledge exchange to improve business results, and to create better workplaces and communities worldwide.

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