Change Management for Healthcare

Todd Sperl brings a unique perspective to his work with healthcare organizations, as they navigate the challenges of today and prepare for the unknowns of tomorrow. He has introduced thousands of healthcare professionals across the country to the principals and philosophies of Change Management and Lean Six Sigma. Todd SperlHis books are greatly influenced by his experiences and the stories shared with him by others along the way. The book we discussed in the podcast was Practical Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare – Using the A3 and Lean Thinking to Improve Operational Performance in Hospitals, Clinics, and Physician Group Practices. You can find Todd at Lean Fox Solutions.

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CAP-Do (More Info): What makes CAP-Do so attractive is that it assumes we do not have the answers. It allows us to create a systematic way to address the problems (pain) or opportunities (gain) from the use of our products and services.