Successful Practices using The Silva Method

I have been familiar with The Silva MethodTM for many years and have not always been a proponent of it. Jose Silva had no formal education and had little in the way of any evidence that what he taught was correct. In spite of all this, he created what we refer to today as an info-product around a practice that had little if any traction in the Western World. He practically single-handily brought meditation to the Western World. This program or info-product was contained in one of my first audio cassette programs called The Silva Method: Home Study Course.Marjorie Dearmont

I have this on and off-going relationship with meditation for over 25 years. In recent years, I have gravitated back to meditation finding it a way to clear my thoughts and, as a result, a better form of engagement. I always attested to the old Zen saying, “to take a deep breath, you must first exhale.” To engage and collaborate with others, you must be willing to first let go. I found the Silva Intuition System based very much on the same principles. One thing that I always liked about the Silva Method is that it was guided meditation versus just a meditative practice. It was a process, and most of you know how I like a process!

A long time trainer of the Silva Methods, Majorie Dearmont was gracious enough to appear on the Business podcast. Marjorie brings insight, understanding, depth and humor to her presentations and has received numerous Awards of Excellence and Special Achievement from Silva International through the years.  She is a member of the Silva International Advisory Board and a Certified Silva Success Coach.

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