The Power to Predict Who will..

Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die was called by Tom Peters, “the most readable big data book I’ve come across, By far, great vignettes and stories.“  Author, ERIC SIEGEL, PhD, is the founder of Predictive Analytics World and Executive Editor of the Predictive Analytics Times. Eric makes the how and why of predictive analytics understandable and captivating.Eric Siegel

From Eric’s website:

Predictive analytics taps this rich vein of experience, mining it to offer something completely different from standard business reporting and sales forecasting: actionable predictions for each customer. If you predict it, you own it.

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Predictive Analytics book description: This rich, entertaining primer by former Columbia University professor and Predictive Analytics World founder Eric Siegel reveals the power and perils of predictive analytics, showing how predicting human behavior combats financial risk, fortifies healthcare, conquers spam, toughens crime-fighting, and boosts sales.

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