Theory of Constraints in Innovation

Mike Dalton was my guest on the Business901 podcast . Mike is the founder of Guided Innovation Group, whose simple mission is helping companies turn their new product innovation into bottom-line impact. The Guided Innovation System™ , their unique TOC-based approach to rapid innovation improvement is helping companies slash time to market in half and nearly double new product profits.

His new book, , Simplifying Innovation: Doubling speed to market and new product profits – with your existing resources, is the first to apply the Theory of Constraints for high leverage innovation improvement. You can learn how to get more impact from your innovation by visiting the Guided Innovation website or visiting Mike’s blog for a wide array of reports and other free innovation resources. There is a sample chapter download available at

The podcast was filled with so much information that I broke it into three parts. The first part included below overviews the principles of applying Theory of Constraints. Part 2 will post tomorrow afternoon and will cover the Customer Value Lens, Part 3 will cover Alliances and Tools used in innovation. As you can tell, I enjoyed the podcast. Innovation, through-put does it get any better!

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