Transitions should Evolve not be Managed

David Anderson is a thought leader in managing effective technology development. He leads a consulting, training and publishing business at  David J, Anderson & Associates. David may be best known for his book, Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business.

David recently appeared on a Business901 podcast, Change is Best when it Evolves. This is a transcription of the podcast.

David has recently teamed up with Bob Lewis (Bob is a prolific author, his latest book is Bare Bones Project Management) to present a 2-day workshop on Business Change Management. This will include topics specific to Agile and Lean transition initiatives. They examine the source of organizational resistance to change, describe the seven components of an effective business change management plan, and show how to go beyond a “Managed Transition” to achieve both Evolutionary Change and discontinuous, “fork lift” change. More information on the workshop can be found at Business Change Management..

Workshop Dates:

  • Washington DC – October 29-30, 2012
  • Los Angeles, CA December 3-4, 2012

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