A Strength Based approach to Lean and Six Sigma

Using various strength-based approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry, David Shaked of Almond-Insight has created a radically different way to approach Lean Six Sigma. He calls this method Strength-Based Lean Six Sigma. David is a Master Black Belt formerly with a large global corporation (Johnson & Johnson) and has specific experience in transactional processes such as sales, marketing, finance, order fulfillment, customer services, distribution, demand forecasting.David Shaked

Building on a recent podcast, Mastering Positive Change with Sarah Lewis, David and I take that conversation into Lean and Six Sigma thinking.

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I have blogged recently, An Appreciative look at the Seven Signs of Value (Waste), about some of David’s work and a workshop in Toronto the week of June 18th that  he will be conducting.

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