The Kaizen Spirit (PDCA) Card

PDCA or Plan – Do – Check – Act The word “Kaizen,” if you break it down into its two Japanese root words, “kai” means change and “zen” means good. It’s not just about change or an iteration. It’s about making sure change is for the better, and that the change Continue reading The Kaizen Spirit (PDCA) Card

Develop a Kaizen Spirit thru TWI

A few weeks ago, I introduced the Lean Talent Development Matrix and had promised to follow-up with the description in more detail of the boxes. Instead of singling out each box, I thought the natural progression was to group the boxes and show the overall relationships in four quadrants. This Continue reading Develop a Kaizen Spirit thru TWI

24 Kaizen / PDCA Transcription

This is a collection of Business901 Podcast Transcriptions, called Stacks (see below) through my Issuu channel: Kaizen / PDCA Stacks Stacks are a new way to organize your own publications, as well as any other publications that you find interesting. For your own publications, after you are done publishing them, Continue reading 24 Kaizen / PDCA Transcription