Training Within Industry Audio Book

Training within Industry

This is a collection of Business901 podcasts on Training within Industry. It is about 2-hours in length and features the following guests: Jim Huntzinger, president of Lean Frontiers, has researched at length the evolution of manufacturing in the United States with an emphasis on lean’s influence and development. He has researched Continue reading Training Within Industry Audio Book

Using 6s in your Data Management

6s your Documents

I use a foundation of Training within Industry (people side) and the 6s approach (Data side) to implement an onboarding program. It is usually based on a 90 to 100-day cycle.  An outline of the process is depicted below. 5s is a systematic corrective action technique to clean up, get organized Continue reading Using 6s in your Data Management

Training within Industry & Kata Stack

I will be adding a collection of Podcast Transcriptions through my Issuu channel called Stacks. Stacks are a new way to organize your own publications, as well as any other publications that you find interesting. For your own publications, after you are done publishing them, Stacks are an easy way Continue reading Training within Industry & Kata Stack

An A3 Retrospective


Lean Thinking is often developed through a structured approach using a tool such as an A3. It is one of the best ways, I believe in developing a problem-solving culture through practice. The easiest way to start is to purchase Jamie Flinchbaugh’s Kindle book, A3 Problem Solving: Applying Lean Thinking Continue reading An A3 Retrospective