The WOW (Standard Work) Card

Growth Principle: Standards create the WOW therefore Standards have to be at the core of your growth strategy.

SDCA or Standard – D0- Check – Act

Standards are the most fundamental and misunderstood concept needed for growth. Your core values are the way you go about what you do and how you do it. It is what your customer understands and experiences. When an employee steps out of the box to do something remarkable, it is a result of having the clarification that this is what our standards (values) would encourage us to do.

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Lean embellishes standards, not as a way of being restrictive. It embellishes standards as a way of clarity and focus; providing agility, speed, and relevance throughout not only to the organization but to the market. It makes growth more understandable for existing customers, new markets, and new products. When viewing the recent growth of Amazon, Apple or Google, most product/service successes occurred building upon their standards. When viewing the troubles, of Starbucks and Dell, it was a movement from their standards and the correction being a return to them.