How Visual is Your Customer Onboarding Program?

Can you explain your customer onboarding as a process?

The past 10 years I have worked with a few SaaS companies developing their onboarding process. It has always amazed how closely they resemble the outline below. When bringing on groups, this method works extremely well as we train key people, influencers before reaching out to masses.  We have used it both online and offline.

The TWI (Training Within Industry) is more of a hybrid of the original TWI teachings. The programs follow a similar pattern but are not in the purest sense TWI.  However, it is an excellent way for a Lean person to get their arms around it and started.

The data is sometimes just paper at the beginning but eventually transformed into the existing or custom program. We have found getting the data in shape is an important first step in most instances before training occurs. You will notice we replaced the typical 6S of Safety with Security.