Marketing Experiment: Marketing Your Value Stream

Time and time again, I see companies being held back with an internal perspective of managing a Value Stream. A key point of Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s philosophy was that organizations should be managed as systems of interconnected and interdependent processes. Deming’s flow diagram exemplifies his thinking.Deming Flow

However, even in the most common definition of a value stream, “All of the activities, required to fulfill a customer request from order to delivery,” we limit our thinking to internal practices. The more advanced companies may include their vendors, and even the most advanced will have a few customers participating in focus groups.

Awareness of innovation and markets happen at the intersection of where our product/service is being used by our customers. In their playground, not ours. Learning from customers goes beyond listening, it must incorporate participation at some level.

There are no two companies alike. The unique nature of your product/service, delivery and most of all the promise you make to your customers determines the structure of your marketing value stream. This why I give you an opportunity to take the program and dig as deep as you would like.

Marketing Your Value Stream creates:

  • A Value-Oriented approach to your Sales and Marketing
  • Learning from market and user research rather than opinions
  • Excited customers about your products/service
  • Awareness of new customer needs
  • Timely responses to key events, moments, patterns and trends
  • A shared understanding of all participants of where they are going and why.

Who will benefit? Value Stream Managers, Process Specialists. Engineering Managers, Sales Engineers, Sales Manager, Product Manager, Customer Support, Business Developments, Salespeople, Service Manager, Product Development and Design, Program Managers, Human Resources.

If you register as a Lean Marketing Lab participant you will have the opportunity to participate in the Marketing You Value Stream experiment. However, you must be a Lab member which will cost you $199 (for a limited time).

The Marketing Your Value Stream experiment includes:

  1. Individual Trello Board to go through Value Stream Marketing(VSM) concepts.
  2. Trello Board support from me via the Trello Board for the 1st month
  3. Trello Support can be extended at $250/month
  4. 12 videos (distributed daily during the first 12 days of December) on VSM concepts.
  5. eBooks with worksheets distributed through the program.
  6. All Lean Marketing Lab members will receive an invitation to participate

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