Working on Your Root Cause of Success

Are you working on your Root Cause of Success? The old fishbone diagram on how I create a key account outline that I then group into clusters and eventually into adjacent prospects. Always working from the known to the unknown or as I call it the Funnel of Opportunity vs a Funnel of Depletion.

According to sales consultant Craig Elias, when you analyze your wins instead of your losses it makes you 10X more likely to understand the events that trigger decision makers to become motivated about buying your product or service.

Are you building sales incentives around recognizing opportunities, patterns and moments?

P.S. If you are only paying commission on closed sales coupled with the time it takes to acquire a customer, you might want to ask how effective your pipeline management is? It is at least as old as the days, months in a pipeline. Or, is your pipeline so mature that 80% of the commissions are based on current clients?

Win Analysis: Shift!: Harness The Trigger Events That Turn Prospects Into Customers – June 28, 2010 x Craig Elias

Root Cause of Success: Appreciative Leadership – July 1, 2010
by Diana Whitney

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