4S Framework: State, Structure, Solve, Sell

In the past, I have written about using the Lean trio of SDCA, PDCA, EDCA with an umbrella of CAP-Do or in Non-Lean terms; Standard Work, Continuous Improvement, Design Thinking (Exploration), and Reflection.

In the book, Cracked it!: How to solve big problems and sell solutions like top strategy consultants, the authors lay out their 4s Framework in much the same manner with a flowchart to guide you through the use of it. Their dive into each discipline is excellent. Enjoy the read.

The part of the framework that they took the time with that most problem-solving books don’t is the Sell Stage. Of course, I am partial to that area but even though I am, when doing it for myself, I often just think people get it. Everyone wants to grow revenue or save time and money?

I also like that though it is convenient to put documentation at the end and part of this stage, I took a little deeper meaning from it. The part of sustaining, and even improving again often rests on the idea of how we deliver/sell the results.

P.S. Selling is not a bad word – to me, it means expressing the delivered value.
4s Framework

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