Are You Interested in Esports Advertising?

Are you unsure of how to get started?

Take a look at the following Ad Deck and see if you would like to test the waters.

NADCL Twitch Stream Ads:

NADCL is a semi-professional Dota esports league founder by Peter Dager. Tonight the open qualifiers begin at 5 PM PST, . It will be the largest North American participant Dota event of the year.

Dota2 is supported by a loyal community demonstrated each year in the millions of donations towards The International. The past 2 years it totaled over 100 million dollars. A unique community that is largely unstructured, or influenced by other media and followings. Contributing to NADCL (50% of revenue goes directly to players) will help provide an understanding of the esport environment. More importantly, the most direct path to the esport consumer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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