Outline of KM CyberSecurity Services

How are you increasing your ability to detect that you have been compromised? KM Cyber Security, LLC has been at the forefront of training and services in the fields of incident response, penetration testing, and digital forensics. They train the top tiers of Certified Ethical Hackers with methods that are grounded in the actual applications of computer networking and cloud services. As a practitioner, they recognize you are going to get hacked. If you really understand the attacks that will put you in a better position to know when it happens because now you know what the attacks look like.

What is your process for business continuity? Testing, evaluation, and monitoring need to be done continuously and managed. It is not good enough or ethical to do it on your own. This calls for a certain amount of in-house training and outside services. There is also a big movement towards balancing resources between protection and response.

Keatron Evans, principal and founder of KM CyberSecurity, recognized a significant gap in this type of overall approach. That is why KM CyberSecurity was founded to work in partnership with companies that had a similar perspective. They help leadership understand and manage the cybersecurity risk and pide the technical expertise to put into practice throughout the organization. Their goal is to have in place a process, so the necessary reactions occur before, during and after hacking occurs.

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