Can Lean Help Predict the Future?

Is your marketing system creating the forward thinking that you need? It is just not using predictive analytics. It is also developing the mind-shift that forecasting, recognizing trends should be a large part of your efforts. 

The cliche I have used for years is that the role of marketing is just not getting the message out, it is just as much getting the message in. Putting the ideas of a futurist such as Amy Webb into practice can be a good start.

The ideas Webb discusses in her book has helped me refine a few of my methods. It has helped me develop a better practice routine in spotting trends. I believe it gave me a better feel for future opportunity. Not everyone will incorporate it the same way. But how powerful can it be if you can develop a way of “work” to incorporate the future in everyday work? And, the more you practice the better you get.

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If you are not familiar with the Lean terminology:

Lean Effects

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