Customer Value for Lean Marketing

At the foundation of my Sales and Marketing thinking is a program that I helped develop with Dr. Eric Reidenbach; it is the 5Cs of Driving Market Share. Since that time, I have added and subtracted a few things from it, but at its core is an outline focused on customer value.

Please watch this presentation for an overview on how I determine customer value in the Lean Sales and Marketing workshop. You should have the Lean Sales and Marketing Workbook available

Lean Sales And Marketing Customer Value (About 18 minutes long)

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Please have your Lean Sales and Marketing Workbook Opened.

Download the Workbook or view on line

The Complete Lesson is available: Lean Sales and Marketing Customer Value.

This week,  I am posting a series of seven videos and the slide decks that were used during my two day workshop. If you would like to get the most out of the experience, I recommend purchasing the Marketing with Lean Book series. I am offering the set for a limited time at 50% off.  

  1. Lean Marketing House (More Info)
  2. Marketing with PDCA (More Info)
  3. Marketing with A3(More Info)
  4. Lean Engagement Team(More Info

All 4 titles above available for instant download at 50% off (6/30 thru July 7th 2013)

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