Defining the Roles of Lean IT

Steve BellThe IT Department now touches every corner of the organization and many times is responsible for the first touchpoint a customer has with your organization. No longer is IT a bunch of Geeks in the back room. Learn from Steve Bell, one of the foremost experts in the Lean IT world. This is a transcription of the Business901 podcast, Defining Lean IT with Steve Bell.

Steve Bell, the founder of Lean IT Strategies LLC. Steve is a Lean Enterprise Institute faculty member, Shingo Research Prize winning author, and Lean IT pioneer. A recent blog post, When Standard Work and Customer Focus come together contains an excerpt from the podcast.

For more than twenty five years, Steve Bell has delivered a balance of Lean, business process improvement, and management consulting services. Steve published Lean Enterprise Systems: Using IT for Continuous Improvement helping to introduce the emerging discipline of Lean IT. Steve and his partner Mike Orzen later published Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining Your Lean Transformation.

Steve is on of the keynotes at the upcoming, North American Lean IT Summit, bringing together a community of lean and agile practitioners and thought leaders from around the globe.

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