Lean Kanban from a Software Developer

Recently I had Chris Hefley, President and Co-Founder Bandit Software on a special edition of the Business901 Podcast. Bandit Software is the maker of an electronic Kanban tools for Lean Software and Systems development teams called Lean Kit Kanban.Lean Kit

This conversation starts with a discussion of where Kanban stands today in the software community and soon after we dive into…

  1. Why use an Electronic Kanban?
  2. What advantages will a project manager gain from the use?
  3. Understanding the importance of handling the que?
  4. What is on the horizon for Kanban?

Chris offers a perspective from not only a producer of a product for Kanban but as an software developer himself. This is not a consultant or an author of an how to book but someone that is in the trenches living it day and day out. I encourage you to listen as Chris will give you a fresh perspective of not only Kanban but Lean in Software Development.

Lean Kit Kanban

The Bandit Software team will be sponsoring a booth at the upcoming Lean Software and Systems Conference in Atlanta, April 21-23. (http://atlanta2010.leanssc.org/)

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