Kanban too simple To be Effective?

Kanban just seems too simple to be that effective, or is that the beauty of it? Listen to Jim Benson discuss the intricacies of not only Personal Kanban but how Kanban can be used effectively within industry. Jim was seldom lost for words as you will see and his passion of the subject is obvious.JimBenson

Jim Benson incorporates his background in cognitive psychology, government, and management to build community through policy and technology. His company, Modus Cooperandi, helps organizations change through the application of Lean principles, Agile methodologies, and social media. He is also the developer of the productivity tool Personal Kanban, an adaptation of industrial kanban which helps individuals and small teams actualize. His book on Personal Kanban, which applies Lean thinking to daily living, will be out in Spring 2010.

Jim says, “Personal kanban is an idea that arose from necessity. I began a personal kanban prior to starting Modus Cooperandi, but it didn’t translate as cleanly from the programming and industrial world as I would have liked.  It wasn’t until one day when Corey Ladas and I sat down and really started to talk about the differences between industrial kanban and personal kanban that things really started to gel.”


Jim’s Web Sites:
Personal Kanban: personalkanban.com
Blog: ourfounder.typepad.com
Company: moduscooperandi.com


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