Dr. Deming on Lean in 2012

Actually, I was not able to pull that off. Instead, I interviewed what I consider one of the, if not the best source on Dr. Deming, John Hunter. John has an interesting lineage with Dr. Deming and in the interview, we talked about some of that history and why the thoughts of Dr. Deming have continued to flourish. I am not the only one that holds John in such high regard; the Deming Institute has sanctioned John to write the Deming Blog. John already has a very popular blog of his own, the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog.

The richness of the stories about Dr. Deming and his principles were fascinating. I found little to edit. I apologize for the length.

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About the Deming Blog: John will explore Deming’s ideas on management by examining his works and exploring how the ideas are being applied in organizations today. While he was alive Deming continued to learn and add to his management philosophy. The blog attempts to hold true to his ideas while also looking at how those ideas have been, and are being, extended and implemented. John Hunter

About the Deming Institute: The W. Edwards Deming Institute® was founded by Dr. Deming in 1993 to provide educational services related to his theories and teachings. The aim of The W. Edwards Deming Institute is to foster understanding of The Deming System of Profound Knowledge® to advance commerce, prosperity and peace.

About John Hunter: John combines technology with management expertise to improve the performance of organizations. He has served as an information technology program manager for the American Society for Engineering Education, the Office of Secretary of Defense Quality Management Office and the White House Military Office. He has authored the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog for years.

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