Dr. Deming 7 Deadly Diseases +2

Dr. Deming and Curious Cat blog author, John Hunter has published a new book, Management Matters: Building Enterprise Capability that can be found on his website. I interviewed John about his book, which you will hear next week. I extracted a short portion of the audio where John discusses adding two new deadly diseases of management: excessive executive compensation and an outdated intellectual property system.

If you are not familiar with Dr. Deming’s 7, I chose John’s description of the Dr. Deming’s diseases that he describes in, a Curious Cat Blog that contains a Dr. Deming video explaining the original 5.

  1. Lack of constancy of purpose
  2. Emphasis on short term profits – “creative” accounting, focus on quarterly profits
  3. Annual Performance Appraisals – management by objective, management by fear
  4. Mobility of management – [see Toyota for a great example of a company that operates on different principles – where the leadership has been with Toyota for decades]
  5. Running a company on visible figures alone – many important factors are “unknown and unknowable.”
  6. Excessive medical care costs
  7. Excessive legal damage awards swelled by lawyers working on contingency fees.

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If John’s name sounds familiar, you might remember him from a previous podcast which turned into being: 2012 Podcast of Year–Deming with John Hunter.John Hunter

About the Deming Blog: John will explore Dr. Deming’s ideas on management by examining his works and exploring how the ideas are being applied in organizations today. While he was alive Dr. Deming continued to learn and add to his management philosophy. The blog attempts to hold true to his ideas while also looking at how those ideas have been, and are being, extended and implemented.

About John Hunter: John combines technology with management expertise to improve the performance of organizations. He has served as an information technology program manager for the American Society for Engineering Education, the Office of Secretary of Defense Quality Management Office and the White House Military Office. He has authored the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog for years.

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