eBook on a Lean Journey

Jim Lewis was the guest on the Business901 Podcast and this e-book is a transcription of our recent podcast. Even if you listened to the podcast, I believe you will enjoy the written version. Our discussion centered on how to begin with Lean and the development of a Value Stream Mapping process. Jim is an authority in the Lean business philosophy and is one of the principals of The Center for Lean Learning, LLC. The Center is dedicated to working with business and industry to develop and implement a strategy for improving productivity and cost containment, both of which are crucial for profitability, especially during the current economic downturn.

A Lean Journey

Jim discussed several of the 6′ E’s and afterwards sent me a note covering the subject.

Enlist – genuinely seek assistance and cooperation from all the staff. Sustained and self-perpetuating change comes from within.
Enable – instill the staff with the knowledge to act.
Engage – get the staff involved in the change process.
Excite – stir people to activity.
Empower – often overused, but it simply means to authorize staff to make change happen in areas they directly control, within established boundaries.
Encourage – inspire with confidence, spur on.  Celebrate successes.

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