Ebook on Lean Six Sigma Advocacy at Xerox

Aqua Porter was a guest on my podcast and this e-book is a transcription. Aqua is a Vice President of Corporate Lean Six Sigma Strategy at Xerox Corporation. She is an advocate for Lean Six Sigma at Xerox and has led many Black Belt projects including the nomination of Black Belt candidates and the growth of Xerox Team Accelerator. Lean Six Sigma at Xerox is very Customer-focused. Find out how they do it!


Comment from Transcript: “We are actually on our customer’s sites working with them day in and day out, especially in documenting intensive services where we’re able to work with them to improve their own process proficiency and improve the service that we provide to them. We’re putting our customers first and make sure that we are working on their behalf with the solutions that we can bring to their sites.”


Lean Six Sigma Advocacy at Xerox

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Lean Six Sigma Advocacy at Xerox

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