Grow your Small Business with Lean

I am going to devote the week of April 22nd on how to grow, or scale-up your small business. I will be scaling-up the entire week culminating in a webinar, The Lean Scale Up which will be followed by a period of Q & A on the afternoon of April 26th. Only registered participants will be invited to webinar and Q & A.

Lean Scale UpLean StartupTM companies are welcomed, but this is not about finding product market fit or minimum viable product (MVP). It is not about starting a business. If you are looking for rapid growth with the purpose of being acquired, this may not be the fast-track investor-rich style of growth that may be needed. The organizations that will are small companies that want to establish a method for achieving and sustaining organic growth. To benefit the most, your organization should have a commercially viable product or service (CVP/CVS).

This will follow Lean practices and principles. The two pillars of Lean, respect for people and continuous improvement will provide the bedrock for establishing the culture of growth within your organization. Lean offers the best business model for the implementation of standardization, continuous improvement and innovation. I use the acronyms of SDCA, PDCA, EDCA, respectively, to describe these.

You will learn through the week:

  • How to convert from the entrepreneurial stage to a viable small business
  • How to take a stagnant small business and revitalize it for growth
  • How, when and which products to standardize
  • How to traverse the product/service gateways of SDCA/PDCA/EDCA
  • How to embed the power of 3 in your organizational thinking.
  • How to become customer-centered
  • How to keep your start-up spirit intact
  • How to Sustain Growth

Join us and register for this event. The material will be distributed, through a variety of media, to include Business901 blog, podcast, YouTube channels, Slideshare and the newsletter. At a later day, it will be accumulated and posted to the Training content on the Business901 website. By registering, you will receive this material as it is distributed. We will also furnish updates and lessons learned to the registered participants. Only registered participants will be invited to webinar and Q & A.

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