Helping Customers to Excellence eBook

This is a transcription of a Business901 podcast, Xerox Operational Excellence Program that I had with Tricia Bhattacharya. She is currently a Worldwide Segment Marketing Manager for the Xerox Graphic Communications Business Group. In this role, she is responsible for developing marketing programs focused on in-plant environments. She also holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Her 19-year career at Xerox has spanned roles from product development to marketing and she holds several patents for technologies developed while working on high-speed color product innovations.

Helping Customers achieve Operational Excellence

She authored the Guide to Operational Excellence that Xerox makes available to their print customers. It introduces a five-step plan to help in-plants remove waste like overproduction and idle time.

When I asked what I left out of the podcast Tricia stated: “Well, I think one thing I’d like to mention is, this is just part of a whole host of tools that are available for our Xerox customers that help them with their operations. So, this is the Operational Excellence Guide. We have over 100 business development tools as part of our profit accelerator program. They’re all free of charge and part of the value of being a Xerox customer.”

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