Need a primer on Lean Six Sigma?

I have been impressed by Xerox’s adaption of Lean Six Sigma both internally and externally. Maybe more so by their use of the Lean Six Sigma methodology in the marketplace to create, differentiate and widen their value proposition.

An example of this is the Xerox initiative of Swarming. Xerox leveraged the Agile Scrum process – a light-weight project management system – during the development of the WorkCentre® 7545 and WorkCentre 7556. By hosting live, frequent discussions on progress and priorities, the WorkCentre team was able to:

  • Identify and obtain all resources necessary to launch the product on time.
  • Balance the workload of team members who were juggling other projects.
  • Enable problem solving success in a team of people who had never worked together before.

Whether you call it swarming or Agile, real-time collaboration may become more sophisticated by 2020, but it’s already happening today and building competitive advantages for companies that can harness its power. I’d be happy to arrange a briefing for you with a Xerox Lean Six Sigma executive to discuss how through Agile methods companies can benefit from the “swarming” technique of problem solving. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Their latest use of Social Media, a new Xerox YouTube Channel includes a a two part series of Say What? on Lean Six Sigma terms. Xerox asked individuals to identify Lean Six Sigma acronyms, later having the real definition given by a Xerox employee. Lean Six Sigma methodology is used by Xerox in analyzing business processes and identifying ways to eliminate both errors and unnecessary steps.

If you are a non-Lean Six Sigma person you will learn something, if you are a Lean Six Sigma person it will make you smile!

P.S. Great job Pat and the rest of Xerox!

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