Innovate from Inside the Box

We are all familiar with the thought of Outside the Box thinking and brainstorming. Methods that surprisingly are not all that productive. However, the alternative is something called TRIZ which to a sales and marketing guy, like me, seems way over complicated. A nice diagram and a simplified explanation of the process are contained in the book, Trizics: Teach yourself TRIZ, how to invent, innovate and solve “impossible” technical problems systematically. The Kindle book is a steal at $9.99, and the charts are just fine in the Kindle version.

Several years back (10 or more), I ran across a simplified version of TRIZ designed by Dr. Roni Horowitz that he called Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking. You can find more information about the program at (it is a somewhat outdated website). I have used this thinking and along with SCAMPER, a more simplified approach, for many years. It has proven to be very useful. The basis of the program is thinking inside the box versus outside the box.

This week, I happen to be listening to a new book, Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results, that is based on some of Dr. Horowitz work and others. After listening to the first chapter, I dug out my old mind map on ASIT and started reviewing. I think it will add quite a bit of depth to the audio. Not that I am selling books this week, but you can purchase the audio book for $4.49, which again is a steal. However, as I have listened to the book, I am not sure what I am missing by not having the hard copy. The resource page for the book is excellent.

My mind map from the Dr. Horowitz’s course:


 A PDF Version of Mind Map.

 P.S. If you are unfamiliar with SCAMPER a blog post you can reference: Tips to Starting a Cost Reduction Plan

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