Keeping it together with Personal Kanban

Patty Beidleman has used Personal Kanban in almost every instance that she could think of since first coming across it last in August of ’09.  From using it with her 11 year old daughter, at the nonprofit she founded and to using it in a preschool classroom. Patty even has developed her own kit for making a Kanban. Even the most seasoned Lean expert will learn something from this podcast, guaranteed!

Patty is the founder of Layers of Love. Chemotherapy patients suffer a terrible side effect of treatment.  Being susceptible to cold. they are trying to make a difference for these patients going through chemotherapy by donating homemade fleece tied blankets to the Lehigh Valley Health Network, which includes the Cedar Crest and Muhlenberg Cancer Center locations.

Personal Kanban authors Jim Benson & Tonianne DeMaria Barry also helped Patty as she tried Personal Kanban in all the different aspects of her life and how she tied them all together. She has a Personal Kanban Flicker Page that I encourage you to view as you listen to the podcast.

If you are so moved to make a blanket donation, there are a few guidelines that they have found useful. Please review their site for address and the information that you will need. There is also a special link to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store and all you have to do is send Layers of Love the fleece and they will make the blankets. Take one of those 50% off Jo-Ann  Fabric coupons in Sunday’s paper and use it for a good cause.

Personal Kanban is neither a prescription nor a plan. The book provides a light, actionable, achievable framework for understanding our work and its context. This book describes why students, parents, business leaders, major corporations, and world governments all see immediate results with Personal Kanban.

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