Lean creates the Customer Relationship

These questions may get answered for you when you listen to this podcast.

  • Do you think Lean can be applied to Sales and Marketing?
  • Do you think Sales and Marketing departments resist becoming Lean?
  • How important is Lean to Sales and Marketing?
  • Or, how important is Sales and Marketing to Lean?

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Erik Haberkern, a General Sales Manager of a global Fortune 300 chemical company discusses the application of Lean in Sales and Marketing.  Eric first worked as a Facility Manager and soon became a Lean Deployment Manager. He transferred those skills to Sales and Marketing. Eric’s credentials are best described in comments by his colleagues:

  • Erik is a true professional in every sense of the word! He helped complete the most successful acetylene Lean project at the Roseville, MN facility.
  • Erik’s leadership skills are second to none, and he uses these skills to motivate and inspire the people around him. He also understands how to work within a team, to get the most out of the people, and to utilize their strengths in the role to which they belong.
  • Among his greatest strengths are his abilities to work with people at all levels within an organization, effective leadership style in motivating others to deliver results, and his promotion of accountability through taking action.

As you listen to the podcast, you can see how true these comments are. Erik follows a very structured team approach in implementing Lean filled with a whole bunch of We’s and few if any I’s, a consummate team player. Eric can be found on LinkedIn.

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