Lean Marketing Metrics

In aCritical Numbers previous post on Lean Six Sigma marketing-Measure , I had stated that it measuring the process and gathering the data that is associated with the problem, was the 2nd step in building a Lean Six Sigma marketing process. I also stated that in the Duct Tape Marketing planning system that the Critical Numbers coincided with the definition of measure.

The measurements you use of course determines your success. Having good measurements are the key. Six Sigma is typically seen as a problem solving tool and therefore difficult to relate to marketing.  This is where the theory of Lean will benefit you the most. Measuring simply by results is just not enough in today’s world. The use of Lean Metrics measured by drivers are at the heart of making your marketing plan effective.

We must go back and first remind ourselves that the purpose of Lean is to reduce waste and only produce to the customer needs. If we relate these thoughts to marketing, we will only produce materials of value to a customer and only give the material to the customer when he needs it versus a constant barrage of information.

What about using measurements that are determine by shorter sales cycles based on starting when the customer need has developed? What about measuring the amount of downloads on a whitepaper and the resulting request for information? Workshops centered around improvement metrics of your customer versus your sales volume.

A few guidelines for good metrics.

– You must be able to establish a number to it.

– Structured so that the number is easily obtainable and updated.

– Do not measure everything and have key measures that are monitored closely and often

–  They are used to make you aware of a problem, nothing more.

What are some forward thinking metrics for marketing?

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