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Robin Lawton (Author, Customer Strategist, Keynote/Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Teacher and Coach) says: Rob Lawton

The importance of language is often dismissed as “just semantics”. Unfortunately, the exchange of one word for another is usually not a minor matter. Poor word choice is a known cause of marital disharmony. One reason attorneys are paid so much is that they must take great care to use precisely the correct language to avoid unintended ambiguity. Semantics involves the meaning of words. Linguistics addresses the structure of language. Attention to both remains a largely untouched challenge but is necessary to understand the voice of the customer.

Robin inspires, motivates, educates and equips his audiences and clients to do what they never thought possible.  His passion, practicality and interactive presentation style create an unusual intellectual, emotional and genuine connection. His thought-leading principles are combined with humor and entertaining style to thoroughly engage his audiences. It’s probably why he was ranked #1 of 88 speakers by an international organization and rated top speaker at every multi-speaker event where he presents. Enjoy the podcast.

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For over 25 years, clients that have applied his paradigm-busting system have wowed their customers, risen to best-in-class, made dramatic improvements in business growth, saved millions of dollars and strengthened their leadership practices.

Robin Lawton has been a long time favorite of mine. His book, Creating a Customer-Centered Culture: Leadership in Quality, Innovation, and Speed offers some valuable insights even though it was written 20-years ago. I still use it on a regular basis and find it valuable in assisting people to more service centered thinking. For more information contact, International Management Technologies

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