OpEx in Government is it Possible

When I first listened to Mike George’s Stong America Now program (BTW: Michael George will be appearing on the Lean Blog Podcast soon.), I thought it was a joke that hardly made any sense. However, I have learned to investigate things that rub me the wrong way initially and many times I have found a little gold in the outcomes.

One of those outcomes was the opportunity to interview Hundley Elliotte one of the authors of Building High Performance Government Through Lean Six Sigma: A Leader’s Guide to Creating Speed, Agility, and Efficiency. What I liked about the book was it really removes the issues about can it be done, it is already being done. In the podcast, we discussed these places and discussed the ‘how” in applying Lean Six Sigma to any public organization.

The authors paint a very clear picture of the role of Lean Six Sigma in Government. It is a very well written book without the statistical jargon so often found in Lean Six Sigma books. I even found certain parts of the book remarkably useful for the private sector.

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Hundley M. Elliotte is the global lead for the Process Performance group within the Accenture Process & Innovation Performance service line. He has more than 15 years of consulting experience, focusing on managing business value, setting strategy, identifying customer needs, and identifying and implementing improvement opportunities in diverse business sectors. Previously, Mr. Elliotte worked for more than a decade in the corporate sector, holding sales, marketing and general management positions with a leading pulp and paper manufacturer and with a plastics company. He is based in Atlanta.

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with more than 223,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries.

Read Chapter One, “Building the Anatomy for High Performance”

Read about the Accenture Institute for Health and Public Service.

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