Six Sigma Marketing introduces 5 Cs of Driving Market Share Webinar Series

The Six Sigma Marketing Institute in conjunction with Business901 has developed a 6 part webinar series committed to showing a Value Centered approach to creating and driving market share. We will outline the principle of the 5Cs of Driving Market Share and discuss several case studies to include how a wireless telecom provider used the principles of Six Sigma Marketing to discover and implement a reduction of customer retention by 50% and a twenty times more effective increase in service response. We will also cite several other examples.

The cost for this webinar series through the link below is $449.00. Space is limited to 15 people. The program includes:

  1. 5 Cs of Driving Market Share Program Download – $299.00
  2. 6 Part Webinar Series –  if you cannot make the times you will have access to recordings. – $449.00
  3. Best in Market eBook – $14.95
  4. Dominating Markets with Value eBook – $14.95
  5. December’s Value Stream Marketing 28 Day Program Webinar Series – if you cannot make the times you will have access to recordings. – $299.00

The purchase to include all of the above must be made through this link.

Business901 Special offer: 5 Cs of Driving Market Share Webinar Series

5 Cs of Driving Market Share is a response to this ineffectiveness and inefficiencies of current marketing practices. It has been deployed in a number of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and has produced positive market share growth. 5 Cs of Driving Market Share is a comprehensive program. It is not a project-by-project approach for reducing the costs of marketing activities, but rather an approach that seeks to enhance marketing’s effectiveness and efficiency. The program is available on the Driving Market Share Website for $299.00 as a download.

1st Webinar: Six Sigma Marketing Outline and Case Analysis Study

  • Outline of the Six Sigma Marketing DMAIC approach to Marketing
  • Case Analysis of a Wireless Telecom Provider
    • Regional wireless telecom provider
    • Primarily B2B
    • Sales oriented, not customer oriented
    • Churn (customer defection) rate of about 50%
    • Slow equipment delivery (10 days) resulting in lost sales (not qualifying for business)
    • Using customer satisfaction as their strategic metric
    • Intensively competitive markets
    • Management did not believe in segmentation
  • Step by Step outline of the process using DMAIC
  • Findings, Actions and Results for the Wireless Telecom Provider
  • Applying the Customer Value Model in your organization.

2nd Webinar: Customer Identification: The first step in the 5 Cs of Driving Market Share is identifying specific products or markets that offer the organization its best options for growth. You will learn how to evaluate products and markets using metrics such as current market share, market growth rate and competitive intensity to assess the best targets for the organization. When completed, you will eschew the notion that a company can be everything to everybody, and instead focuses on key market opportunities. This occurs in the Define/Identification stage and differs from the more project-oriented approach that traditional Six Sigma uses.

3rd Webinar: Customer Value: In the Value (Measure) stage of Driving Market Share, you will create a value model for each of your targeted product or markets. This value model is the voice of the market (VOM) that drives all operational and strategic initiatives undertaken by the organization. The VOM replaces agendas, hunches and strategic guessing as the guiding factor in growing market share. Learn how to use superior value creation and delivery to propel growth within the targeted product or markets.

4th Webinar: Customer Acquisition: In the Acquisition (Analyze) stage you will use primarily the Competitive Value Matrix to guide you through the delivery of value delivery. An organization’s value is relative to that of its competitors. This is part of the buyers’ comparative calculus in assessing where to buy. The buyer is asking a simple question: “Is this brand worth it?” By understanding your organization’s competitive value proposition, leaders can make better decisions regarding market share growth.

5th Webinar: Customer Retention The Retention (Improve) stage could also be called the Enhancement stage. For value leaders, the focus should be on enhancing value to sustain their leadership position. Extending the gap between the values an organization provides and the value provided by the nearest competitor can lead to best in market status. Value followers will want to improve those elements of the value creation and delivery system that will close the gap. This is when organizations need to enhance or improve their competitive value proposition in accordance to the directives of the market place.

6th Webinar: Customer Monitoring: The Monitoring (Control) stage is where you learn how to put monitoring systems into place to ensure that their competitive value proposition accomplishes what is intended. This control effort focuses not only on the more strategic value proposition, but also can be set up to monitor specific transactions such as sales, repairs, inquires and other customer experiences. This monitoring process acts as a trip wire, providing information where there are potential people, product of process issues that require intervention.

About Six Sigma Marketing is a fact-based, disciplined approach for growing market share in targeted product/markets by providing superior value. At the heart of SSM is a modified DMAIC process that provides the architecture for growing top line revenues and market share.