Some Uncommon Uses of the Event Canvas

Yesterday’s blog centered on the common uses of the Event Canvas. In this video excerpt from an upcoming podcast, Ruud Janssen and I discussed a few uncommon uses. Ruud is the co-author of a new book, Event Design Handbook: Systematically Design Innovative Events Using the EventCanvas,

An overview of the book: Event Design

Event design is a new approach to systematically decompose and recompose the success of events. By using the #EventCanvas template, one can identify where and for whom the event can be innovated. It is a handbook to document, discuss, and design events worth attending, and illustrates good event design.

You can download the first 100-pages and the Event Canvas at Thought the canvas has a strong resemblance to other canvases you might be associated with, I think you will find this one of great use. It should be in everyone’s toolkit.

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