The 5 Cs of Adjacency

The 5 Cs of Adjacency

In the Funnel of Opportunity ( I discuss working from the known to the unknown.

After “really” understanding our Core Customers…Clusters…Markets we can then start finding Adjacent Prospects…Clusters…Markets.

When looking at Adjacent structures:

1. Connect: What people are the most accessible and similar to the core?

2. Concepts: What key jobs are we providing our core customers?

3. Challenge: What business promise can we make to others in this space?

4. Change: What changes in action/behavior will be required by us and others to achieve this promise?

5. Cluster: How can we group similar people/orgs to this promise?

You notice I stay away from the word segmentation. Typical segmentation is separate and divide type thinking. I look at the marketing process as a way of business building thence clustering.

Working from the known to the unknown coincides with Empower-Engage-Explore. As we build out these structures if we are having trouble connecting in the engage stage, for example, revisit the empowerment stage and see if you are empowering that group. Are the conversions high? Have you built Advocates? Etc.