The Disney Way A3

Bill Capodagli has become one of the most recognizable storytellers (aka keynote speakers) on the cultures of Disney and Pixar, enlightening audiences with Walt Disney’s original success formula, “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do”, that is transforming both entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 companies alike. Bill is the co-author of The Disney Way, 3E, along with several others (I have them all), and can be found at Capodagli Jackson Consulting.

The Disney Way A3 may not guide you through the podcast, but can be used for an outline while reading the book. It is more intended to be while you are putting an actual Disney Way project together. Use it in combination with the 3rd edition where you will find several examples and descriptions of six Disney Storyboards.The six storyboards described in the book:

  1. Idea Storyboard
  2. Barriers Storyboard
  3. Planning Storyboard
  4. Customer Feedback Storyboard
  5. Leadership Storyboard
  6. Communications Storyboard

I picture The Disney Way A3 being used along with one or several storyboards.

The Disney Way

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An excerpt from the podcast: The Disney Way Process