The New Knowledge Management Game

Jack Vinson, a Knowledge Management and Theory of Constraints expert, was my guest on the Business901 Podcast. He is passionate and well versed in both subjects and we had a spirited conversation about them. A bottom line person, Jack is constantly looking for ways to see how the products he manages can help the customer be more effective with their time and energy.

Jack has been a knowledge management advocate and technology enthusiast and is the president of Knowledge Jolt, Inc., a knowledge management consultancy (2004 – 2007). He is deeply interested in how people work, whether that is as individuals, in small groups or within organizations. Within Knowledge Jolt, he focuses on helping organizations understand how they use their information.  As an example, he worked with an insurance company and their call center to implement a content management vision as part of a large group of technology and business people.  He has also worked with small firms to start the discussion around how they want to use their knowledge and the ever-changing horizons of technology on the offer.  He continues to evangelize the importance of personal knowledge management to build individual and group effectiveness.

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