The Oxford Review Publishes First Annual Review

From the pages of the Oxford-Review comes over 250 of the most practical & useful research findings

The inaugural offering of The Oxford Annual Review has released to the public. It is titled The 2016/17 Oxford Review of Organizational Research and is available on Amazon and other book outlets in the paperback version. It contains the very latest fascinating and useful research for every company and organization.

Since February 2016, The Oxford Review is being used by 1000’s of professionals who include leaders and managers of Human Resources, Organizational Development, Learning and Development, consultants and coaches. They have found it an indispensable resource in their day-to-day work. The annual review is a compilation of the top 250 most practical and useful research findings of the past year.

Examples of content:Oxford-Review

  • Researchers have tracked and worked out exactly what stages of development almost every organization and business go through (or are stuck in). This means we can predict with relative certainty where your organization is right now and where it is heading… or should be. This makes change a whole lot easier.
  • What organizational ambidexterity is and how to achieve it? It often means the difference between your organization prospering or becoming the victim of disruptive competition.
  • Researchers have worked out exactly what the five types of organizational conflict are and how to manage conflict successfully in organizations.
  • Research published this year has found out exactly how to succeed in getting competing and conflicting groups to cooperate. It worked with conflicting Arab and Israeli groups, and it is now working in organizations.

During the past two years, The Oxford Review has functioned as a private limited members-only platform. It was created in 2015 David Wilkinson during the final stages of writing a book. David says about current members, “These are all professionals at the top of their game, and they do not have much time, but they want to be up-to-date with the latest thinking and research.” David found out was that they liked to be knowledgeable and that knowing about the research made things that were hard problems to solve before, quite easy once you know what the research is.David Wilkinson

Founder and Editor-in-Chief: David Wilkinson is the Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Review. He is also acknowledged to be one of the world’s leading experts in dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty and developing emotional resilience. David teaches and researchers at several universities including the University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division, Cardiff University, Oxford Brookes University School of Business and many more. He is the author of The Ambiguity Advantage: What great leaders are great at, published by Palgrave Macmillan.

The Oxford Review Mission: The Oxford Review comes from 250 of the most practical & useful research findings for leaders, managers, professionals in human resources, learning & development, organizational development, coaching & consultancy. They aim to get the very latest, just published, peer-reviewed research to you in brief, understandable, practical, and useful way to digest briefings; no jargon, no overload. And make you the most impressively up-to-date person in the room.

Disclaimer: At the time of this writing, I have a working relationship with The Oxford-Review