Theory of Constraints Roundup

The 8th Annual TOCICO International Conference is here!!  The conference started today June 19th. The Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) unites people who share a passion for win-win holistic thinking and share a vision that this will become the main way to manage organizations. The TOCICO is a global not-for-profit certification organization for TOC practitioners, consultants and academics to develop and administer certification standards, and facilitate the exchange of latest developments.

Though I was unable to attend, I look forward to feedback from the event. I am using this event to highlight the participants this year on my podcast, my blogs utilizing the principles of the Theory of Constraints and especially the release of the authoritative volume Theory of Constraints Handbook authored by John G. Schleier, Jr. and James F. Cox III. These 2 individuals were part of my recent podcast Holistic approach to the Theory of Constraints. We covered so much material during the interview that I also split out the discussion on the Thinking Processes of TOC and will feature that in my next podcast release this Tuesday, June 22nd.

I have listed the eBook blog post for each Theory of Constraint Expert that I interviewed as these posts also contain the link to the podcast.

Bob Sproull, author of The Ultimate Improvement Cycle – Ebook on Integrating Theory of Constraints with Lean Six Sigma

Mike Dalton the founder of Guided Innovation GroupUtilizing the Theory of Constraints in Product Innovation Ebook

Dr. Lisa Lang considered the foremost expert in the world in applying Theory of Constraints to Marketing and currently the President of the Science of BusinessUtilizing the Theory of Constraints eBook

Mark Woeppel president of Pinnacle StrategieTLS – Theory of Constraints, Lean, Six Sigma Integration eBook

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