Transforming your Supply Chain to a Lean Fulfillment Stream eBook

This is a transcription of the Businss901 Podcast with Robert Martichenko, CEO and Founder of LeanCor. We discussed applying Lean Principles to the Supply Chain. I found many of his answers very unique and his approaches straight forward and practical. At the upcoming Lean Logistics Summit, June 22nd and 23rd in Cincinnati, OH, Robert leads off the event as the keynote speaker.

Robert Martichenko co-authored the Lean Enterprise Institute’s newest lean workbook, Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream. Building on the concepts of waste, flow, and pull, this pioneering workbook illustrates how to analyze the traditional supply chain as a flowing stream of products and information. Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream provides the steps to a comprehensive, real-life implementation process for optimizing your entire fulfillment stream from raw materials to customers. This book follows the Lean Workbook format popularized by the publisher, Lean Enterprise Institute.

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