Kanban, Kotter & Lean Startup

I just purchased The Lean Change Method by @thomasjeffrey #leanchange is the suggested tweet for this book. Help Jeff Anderson spread the word about this book on Twitter!Lean Change

Managing Agile Organizational Transformation: Learn how to manage agile adoption initiatives using the Lean Change method. The Lean Change method extends the Kotter change management lifecycle with high feedback, iterative planning practices based on validated learning and other techniques taken from Lean Startup.

These were the techniques discussed in the podcast with Jeff Anderson, the catalyst behind the Lean Change Method. More information is available about the Lean Change Method at http://agileconsulting.blogspot.com/.  Jeff leads the Deloitte Lean market offering, providing advisory, transformation, and change management services to software technology based organizations, helping them transform through the use of agile and lean methods.

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