A Customer Perspective of Value

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An overview of the process: Lean Marketing House Infographic

Lean Sales and Marketing Blogshop 3 of 7: A Customer Perspective of Value

When asked, most organizations will say they are customer centered and/or service centered. However, many of us have a problem even defining what that means and as a result putting it into actual practice. In The Service-Dominant Logic of Marketing edited by Robert Lusch and Stephen Vargo, they present the case to use SD-Logic as a foundation for this thinking. This theory has been extended in a recent book, Value & Worth: Creating New Markets in the Digital Economy, that I highly recommend. Understanding value from this point of view is the best method for creating demand and open areas for innovation that I have found.

Complete this Worksheet by viewing several of your products and/or services from the three perspectives of value: Functional, Emotional and Social.

SD Logic Worksheet

Most Service-Centered or Customer-Centered organizations or those aspiring to be one, try to continuously improve their process. Improvement starts with determining current state, reality. An excellent approach and one many are familiar with is the SIPOC Diagram SIPOC (Suppliers – Inputs – Process – Outputs – Customers). The SIPOC offers a high level view of the process and I always recommend using before the mapping process begins. It is a very good tool to identify current state. A quick overview of the process is in this blogpost: Customer Oriented and Relational SIPOC.

Recommended reading:

Tomorrow’s Blogshop is on Mapping: Value Stream Mapping differs in Lean Marketing
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