Marketing Experiment: The Funnel of Opportunity

As most of you know, I am a Lean practitioner that specializes in Service Design and Sales and Marketing. Most of my work has been in SaaS disciplines working with organizations in the Business Development area and to onboard external groups such as affiliate, re-sellers and reward programs. I have also managed and worked closely with their sales and marketing teams and even been that department for some.

This has rewarded me with hands-on experience in the implementation of marketing strategies to include direct and indirect sales development. I am well-versed in digital marketing and the traditional marketing concepts of lead generation, advertising, and public relations. In fact, in today’s world, they are so interconnected that I struggle to separate them.

The marketing processes that I have learned to build are not brittle. They are flexible, adaptable to changing conditions. Following the USA Principle: Understand-Simplify-Automate, I engage in the creation to get hands-on experience and create their story for others to execute in later events. A practitioner that works himself out of a job. The idea is to build a repeatable but adaptable sales and marketing processes.

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Many organizations think of gathering a large group of prospects and narrowing them down through some type of funnel and toward a prospective customer. I call that thinking a funnel of depletion. I build a process that markets towards opportunity. I believe the majority of customer insight, growth and revenue is a result of understanding your current customer base and influencers. It is this type of thinking of our customer’s business and the edges of their business that are needed for growth. It is where we find prospects versus changing mindsets through a funnel of depletion.

Funnel of Opportunity

What I have learned from my work though is that interacting with a mixture of prospects and customers on a continuous basis through a variety of channels allows a business to scale at the fastest rate. However, when prospecting for new customers and markets, the more direct your channel is the quicker you can build your brand. Brands are not built by marketing collateral and assets; they are built by sales. Though initially we may be talking to customers and manually handling the emails, concurrently we are building are assets based on the knowledge we learn.

The Funnel of opportunity offers a unique opportunity of Lead Generation, Customer Optimization and the ability to establish a variety of productive sales channels. More importantly, turning this work into standard work that compliments your offering. Standards are what creates the WOW in your business.

If you register as a Lean Marketing Lab participant you will have the opportunity to participate in the The Funnel of Opportunity Experiment. However, you must be a Lab member which will cost you $99.

The Funnel of Opportunity experiment includes:

  1. Individual Trello Board to create your own Funnel of Opportunity
  2. Trello Board support from me via the Trello Board for 21 days
  3. Two weeks of daily videos on creating a Funnel of Opportunity
  4. eBooks with worksheets distributed during the program.
  5. All new Lean Marketing Lab members will receive an invitation to participate

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There is no better way to lay the fundamentals of a marketing plan in place than through the creation of a Funnel of Opportunity. Creating a plan in isolation from customers says that you know everything you need to know starting at the beginning. It indicates that you are smarter than the market.


Marketing must evolve through our actions and tactics. With tactics at the forefront, everything will change. Long-term vs. short-term becomes less meaningful. Forecasting is still possible but probably as an exercise. The digital age has changed the way we deliver marketing, the way we execute. Marketing is no longer driven by the creative, it is driven by the process.

Learning becomes paramount and is driven by the way you interact and structure your sales funnel. Marketing is no longer just about getting the message out. It is just as important to get the message in.

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