A Starting Point for Lean

In the Business901 podcast, Would you recommend a Dummies Book? I am!, I had the pleasure Natalie Sayer, the owner of I-Emerge, an Arizona-based global consultancy, and co-author of Lean For Dummies. I found her book not only a great introduction for Lean but practically a ready made training program for your organization. It was well organized and sprinkled with examples. I found it to be a valuable resource for someone that even thinks they know something about Lean.

Below is a transcription of our podcast, where I challenged Natalie on several areas of Lean. We even discussed how Toyota is decentralizing some of their decision making which happened to appear in a major publication earlier this week.

About: Natalie began studying and applying Lean in the automotive industry, in the US and Mexico, before it was formally known as Lean. She has trained, coached, mentored and rolled up her sleeves to implement Lean in organizations ranging from Fortune 130 companies to micro-businesses.

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