A3 Problem Solving and a Review on the new A3 App

Do you use a structured Problem-Solving approach in your Sales and Marketing? Are you using the Lean Tool of A3? Below is a short video on the subject and why you may want to consider using A3s in sales and marketing.

Review on the new A3 App:

Yesterday, I blogged about the new A3 Creator App for iPads & Android Tablets that the Lean Enterprise has just released.  I created my first one with the APP and have the following comments:

The features and product worked exceedingly well. In the copy and pasting I had a few problems, mostly self-inflicted. The voice recognition and pasting worked well within the blocks. Inserting pictures by uploading or with the camera worked flawlessly. When I tried to edit the pictures and draw on them, they became distorted. I also did not see how to rotate the page from landscape to portrait which for A3s would be quite useful.  Below is my first A3 with the app.

The tablet is becoming such an instrument in today’s workplace that I found the App an interesting way to transmit information. However, you can do much of the same with Microsoft OneNote  (as you can tell I have an Android tablet) and other apps. The advantage with Microsoft One Note is the ability to seamlessly share across multiple platforms and in editable form. The difference of course is that the A3 Creator app gives you access to the Lean Enterprise bank of knowledge. It even has a few videos with John Shook explaining a few things about A3s. However, I doubt most people will use the app at Gemba as it is proposed in their video. It seems a little awkward for that but that could be my proficiency at this point.

P.S. I found out later how to re-size photos!

A3 Creator availability: The A3 Creator for Androids or The A3 Creator for iPads.

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  1. It is interesting to know that the A3 Creator app has numerous features, which are helpful in transmitting information. With several features anyone will want to utilize this instrument.

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